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13/10/2021 – Distressed person’s ‘call for help’ in Magaliesburg (SARZA Gauteng Call out)

SARZA Gauteng – Distressed person’s ‘call for help’
Location: Magaliesburg
Call Out Date: 13 October 2021
Total Callout Time: 8 hours 30mins
Members responded: 5 members, 3 members on standby
Units Attending: SARZA Gauteng, Mountain Search and Rescue (MSAR)

A Call for help!!!

Early yesterday morning the Mountain Club of SA – Search and Rescue were alerted by @MountAmanziResort that they heard cries for help from the adjacent mountain side.

The staff eventually found the source of the cries and witnessed 2 people that appeared to be stuck at the edge of the cliff with no way to get up or down.

SAPS North West were also alerted and official help was requested. MSAR contacted SARZA for additional resources and a combined team of MSAR and SARZA set out for Magaliesburg.

On arrival, the teams gathered as much information as possible from bystanders and staff at the resort. With a defined “PLS” (Place Last Seen), the team set out to search for the stricken hikers as they could no longer be seen or heard from their previous location.
The assumption was that they attempted to scramble up or down the precarious cliff face.

The team split into two teams and two areas were defined. After hours of searching, and many kilometres walked up and down the mountain side the teams came up empty handed, but they are confident that there was no longer anyone that needed assistance up on the mountain.

We can only hope that the hikers made it to safety and back to their families.

We encourage all hiking parties to ensure that you have the telephone numbers of local rescue teams handy so that in the event of something going wrong, help is only a phone call away.

Both MSAR and SARZA DO NOT charge for our rescue services. We offer our time and expertise free of charge to the communities that we serve. Don’t hesitate to call when you need us.

Thanks to all the members of both MSAR and SARZA that gave up their personal time to assist some strangers in need.

So others may live…..