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17/04/2021 – Charlotte Maxete Academic Hospital Fire (SARZA Gauteng Call Out)

Incident Date: 17/04/2021

Location: Charlotte Maxete Academic Hospital

Total Call Out Time: TBC

Members Responding: 19

Units Responding: SARZA, Gauteng Emergency Medical Services, Netcare911, City of Ekurhuleni, City of Joburg EMS, City of Tshwane, and other Emergency Medical Service Providers

SARZA was called to assist Gauteng Emergency Services at the fire that broke out at Charlotte Maxeke General Hospital.

SARZA was mandated to assist in JOC as well as assist in the coordination and evacuation of the medical patients to other hospitals. SARZA assisted in evacuating over 1200 patients, ranging from neonatal infants to ICU patients, from CMAH to various hospitals in the Gauteng Province.

We thank Gift of the Givers, and all the local communities for all the generous donations that were received throughout the day.