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To ensure the safety of our members, as well as the patients and communities we serve, the unit has a well-established and structured training programme. The purpose of the training is primarily to provide members with the knowledge and experience to keep themselves from harm and minimise or prevent harm to those we serve. This is achieved by equipping our members with the opportunities to learn and practice the required core skills before putting them into potentially harmful scenarios during call-outs.

With this is mind the unit limits the intake of new members to twice a year. This allows us to focus on new members by providing them with additional training required to ease integration into the more technical core skills, but also allows us to continue training current members on the more technical skills and experience by not having to run regular training for the whole unit on basic skills whenever we take in new members.

I know from personal experience that I wanted to get going as soon as possible and understand the possible disappointment at having to wait a while before being integrated into the unit, but we have found that this is the best way to ensure that our current long standing and experienced members do not lose focus on the advanced skills required of them as well as being able to provide the additional training to bring the new members up to speed as soon as possible.

Please don’t rush out and buy any kit or attend training courses until you have attended an introduction evening and decided whether SARZA is the place for you. We have preferred equipment and suppliers and get discounts on certain expensive items. Be patient until the introduction evening and all will be revealed.

Please complete the application form below. We will contact you prior to our next intake (January or July).

We do hope you understand the reasoning behind the process.