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When you donate to the SARZA, you are able to see where your money is spent. Our rescue crews are all unpaid volunteers and they do not draw salaries. The individual donor funds go towards fuel, safety equipment, rescue equipment, and medical equipment.

Your donation could earn you a tax rebate (Section 18a certificate will be provided for your use) as well as points for your company BBBEE scorecard.

SARZA’s PBO number for your Tax Return is 930043609

If you choose to contribute to us saving lives, please send proof of payment with your details, so that we are able to thank you and send you an official receipt. Leon will be able to assist you on

Bank details:

SARZA National
Standard Bank
Account number: 10182355827
Branch: Sandton City 051001

Or please donate using Zapper/Backabuddy

Download or view our Capability Document