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05/09/2021 – SARZA assists SPCA and SAPS to rescue fallen dog. (SARZA Gauteng Call out)

SARZA assists SPCA and SAPS to rescue fallen dog.
SARZA – SPCA fallen dog rescue
Location: Boksburg – Gauteng
Rescue date: 5th September 2021
Total Rescue time: 3 hours 25 mins
Members responded: 5 in Team 1. Additional 6 on standby in Team 2.

SARZA responded to a call from SAPS K9 SAR about a dog that had fallen down an abandoned mine shaft in Boksburg. SPCA – Boksburg had responded to a call from the local community and they in turn contacted SAPS for assistance.

The team rigged all the anchors and rope work in order to safely carry out the rescue, utilising a main rope and a backup rope to ensure absolute safety of the rescuers involved.

An Officer from SAPS SAR was lowered down into the abandoned mineshaft. After reaching the bottom approx 15 meters down he started the process of putting a muzzle on the dog. The dog was understandably very shaken up, but unhurt. After numerous attempts to muzzle the dog, a member from SARZA also went down the shaft to assist in securing the aggressive dog. Together they managed to get the dog muzzled and safely secured into the K9 full body harness.

The team then hauled the SAPS officer and the dog out of the shaft. Shortly after that The SARZA member was hauled up too.
The dog was handed over to SPCA and the team was debriefed before heading home. Both SAPS K9 SAR and SARZA worked well together in order to save this dog’s life.

We were glad to be able to assist in this great outcome to an unfortunate situation.
Special thanks also to the members of the Local CPF who assisted us in the rescue.


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