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Getting to know our members: Mark Shute

The SARZA would like you to get to know our young members. We interviewed Mark Shute T57, a young and valuable member of SARZA.

Name: Mark Shute
Age: 21
What is your call sign: T57

When did you decide to join SARZA and why?
I decided to join the unit around 2005, my dad was a member and I took quite a big liking to SARZA, Rescue, and helping people as a whole. I used to go and help set up events. Unfortunately then had to wait to be old enough and to own a 4×4 before joining the unit. I ended up joining the unit in July 2020.

How did you find out about SARZA?
I found out about SARZA through my dad’s involvement when I was younger.

What is your Favourite part of being a Volunteer with SARZA?
I have always had a passion for helping people and SARZA is an excellent way to do that! Being a member of the unit, I also get to spend a lot of my time with like-minded people which you don’t get very often!

What vehicle do you drive?
I drive a Toyota Hilux.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Rescue, rescue & more rescue. Rescue forms a very big part of my life. If I’m not training for call-outs then I’ll be working on improving my personal skills, looking into new techniques, methods, and skills.

What are some of the most important skills you feel you have learned by being a part of SARZA?
Teamwork, the ability to think and make concise, safe decisions for myself and others, when the heat is on and the pressure is high.

What advice would you give to our young people if they are considering becoming an SARZA volunteer?
To anyone who is considering becoming a member, I think that it is an excellent thing to do but you must be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time to improving your skills, learning, teaching, and then ultimately going out and helping people because unfortunately a call-out never comes through when you plan for it to come through and you have the afternoon off.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Doing rescue and helping others learn and prepare themselves for rescue.

“The Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” – Nelson Mandela

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